INFLUENCE TACTICS ” How one can Influence

By Atul Chavan - 4:16 PM

Leaders lead with his leadership instinct, and with leader comes  follower because without followers there can be no leader, as long as  people of libya were following Muammar Gaddafi, he was a leader, but  when everyone stood against him then, he was killed in public. It means  leadership is temporary and has to be maintained which required constant  efforts. Leaders have a unique personality with a vision which can  influence others and this ultimately give them power. Leaders are  different, as Hitler was a leader who was aggressive and a kind of red  zone character, on the other hand we have Mahatma Gandhi who was leading  a nation during independence era with the weapon of truth and peace.  Leaders uses various ethical as well as unethical influential tactics to  influence others with an aim to achieve commitment from the targeted  group of people to act in a certain way or to just support their vision.

There are various methods or tactics to influence other which are found in a research these are :

1. Rational Persuasion : A person argues on actual facts, figures and evidences to influence others. We see rational persuasion mostly in the areas of science where a  scientist on based of repeated experiments and research tries to influence  other fallow scientists and get patient of the same.

2. Inspirational Appeals : A person tries to arouse emotions and enthusiasm regarding a vision or outcome of a process. In politics we can easily see inspirational appeals, and also an  outbreak of revolution starts with an inspirational appeal by the leader.

3. Consultation : The  leader asks for the suggestion from its follower and consults on various  issue to make a certain plan. We can think of the time when aam aadmi party asked suggestion from the  people of Delhi  whether to from the government when it was getting  support from the congress.

4. Ingratiation : It is  an very interesting topic to influence as a person will first try to  bring the target person or  group in good mood before making a request. Most of you do this before borrowing money from your parents.
5. Personal appeal :  The leader use its goodwill and appeals to the target group for a favor.” Tum Mujhe Khun do Mai tumhe aazadi dunga ” Subhash Chandra Bose
6. Coalition Tactics : An agent will form a coalition to influence a target audience. You can easily see this in business world Facebook bought Wsaap and flipkart bought Myntra.
7. Pressure Tactics :  Now a days  pressure tactics are rapidly used by spiritual leaders to make wrong  things done  in the name of god . It means that pressurizing someone to  do do certain work.
8. Legitimate Tactics : Some leaders  have legitimate powers and use their authority to influence others to do  certain work.

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