Akshay Kumar - A Man with Golden Heart

By Atul Chavan - 12:41 PM

Akshay Kumar has worked with Tony i.e. Anthony D'Souza in Blue (2009) and BOSS (2013). Recently his movie Azhar, starring Emraan Hashmi released and it was also an average fare just like the previous two. Akshay was the one who gave break to Tony in Bollywood and to help him further he accepted to work in his Boss.

Recently, in a press conference of movie 'One Night Stand', starring Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani, the director of movie and wife of Tony, Jasmine D’Souza after being asked, the actor she would love to direct, within no time she replied, Akshay Kumar.
She had all praises for Khiladi Kumar. This is what she said about Akshay paaji:

"If I have to work with, by far Akshay Sir is one person that I would give my right arm for. Because that man has stood by us, that man has supported us, which is such a departure from what people in Bollywood or life in Bollywood is like. He, for no selfish reason or no selfish gain has stood by us, thick and thin, for the last decade and never fletched. I treat him like God. You go to a temple, you pray and your wishes are granted. I go tell him things and my wishes are granted. So to me he is in that position. If he tells me tomorrow, ‘Jasmine uth ja, mere liye ye film kar, mein tujhe paise nahi de raha hoon’, I’ll be there."

Hats-off to Jasmine for giving so much gratitude to Akshay and remembering him for all the good things he has done for her family! And hats-off to Akshay sir for being 'Bade Dilwala'.

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