What will happen if everyone becomes “economically equal”

By Atul Chavan - 4:26 PM

We talk about ‘inclusive growth’, ‘Subka Saath Sabka Vikas’ and all those stuffs which seems ideal to us. But what about the feasibility of these terms … or what will happen if state of “economic equality” is achieved actually.
I talked with some people and asked them a question “What will happen when everyone becomes economically equal” and actually raised a whole wide discussion out of it with some very good points which I’m going to put here.
Sandeep “then no meaning of growth”
Megha  “We will be more happy as well as healthier ” .
Akshar Talwar ” If there is equality of Income then there is no Investment “
Ankit Mathur “Lack of equality maintains the balance…. no senior junior mean no rules and regulations”
Note : for being senior junior economic inequality is not required.
Shubham Man “If so happens there will be decrease in urge to achieve something which otherwise helps individual to work hard and lead to both mental, economic and social growth….moreover people will loose the competitive side and it will be a reat  hinderence to the economy as a whole”
Arpan Suyal “there will be no man power for work …. because everyone is economically equal “
Sakshi Gupta ” Whole economy will collapse”.
The points raised by the people are strong ….. in economic terms if there is economic inequality, then in this contemporary world more likely there will be no investment as Akshar said, and if the people have same income then growth rate will come down substantially as we can see in case of many developed countries ( though they have economic inequality but most of people have reached to some standard level of satisfaction), above it is very rightly said by Arpan that, no one will work for some other person in case of economic equality ….. so economic inequality should be there but, the gap should not be very high …… comparison should be justifiable. Comparison between a billionaire and a beggar is senseless, as later lack even the basic necessities of life and a billionaire has extra money which can be used to give poor a settled life. The physiological needs of every person must be satisfied because everyone deserves it.

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  1. The basic funda according to my view is that everyone should have their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter fulfilled. Later if a person requires reaching greater heights, he can work hard and toil with all his abilities to earn lots of "EXTRA" money.