Some OF The Funny Twitter Tweets About 'Altaf Raja'

By Atul Chavan - 10:31 AM

Altaf Raja is a Indian Qawwali singer. After completing voice training he began winning awards at various competitions. In 1993 Altaf gained recognition with his debut album 'Tum To Thehre Pardesi'.Since then, he has released at least seven albums. Most of his albums has sad songs. Recently after having appearence on "Comedy Night With Kapil", Altaf Raja trended on twitter, some of the funny tweets are :

Adarsh Raj Thackeray ‏@Madan_Chikna
"Obama- USA will support India in any circumstancesModi- Great Altaf Raja interrupts- Tum toh tehre pardesi.. saath kya nibhaoge"

 Rishi. ‏@kalakaaar
"Altaf Raja don't celebrate his birthday, he celebrates his 'dard day' instead"

"Breakups will make you either Yo Yo Honey Singh or Altaf Raja"

Nishant Soni ‏@NishforU 
 "Altaf Raja can make onions cry"

Vishal ‏@VshalOvercome
 "If Kingfisher is the King of Good Times then Altaf Raja is the Raja of Sad Times"

siddharth ‏@PunKhaa
"Altaf raja dinner me dhokha khata hain"

Funnily Serious ‏@notionalview
 "Altaf Raja does his charity work only for CRY foundation ."

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