Li-Fi Technology Is Coming Soon...

By Atul Chavan - 9:00 PM

What Is Li-Fi ?

Li-Fi technology is a ground-breaking light-based communication technology, which makes use of light waves instead of radio technology to deliver data. Coined by Prof. Harald Haas,Li-Fi is a subset of optical wireless communications and can be a complement to RF communication, or a replacement in contexts of data broadcasting.
It is wireless and uses visible light communication or infra-red and near ultraviolet (instead of radio frequency waves) spectrum, part of optical wireless communications technology, which carries much more information, and has been proposed as a solution to the RF-bandwidth limitations. A complete solution includes an industry led standardization process.

The Technology

The world might eventually have to shift its reliance on Wi-Fi to Li-Fi, an alternative technology that scientists say can reach speeds of 1 Gbps in real-world use — 100 times faster than average Wi-Fi speeds. At those speeds, you could download a high-definition movie in just a few seconds.
Li-Fi transmits data using LED lights, which flicker on and off within nanoseconds, imperceptible to the human eye. It was invented in 2011, and in the lab, has been able to reach a mindblowing 224 Gbps.
Besides Velmenni, several companies have already sprung up to bring Li-Fi to customers, like Oledcomm and pureLiFi, the latter established by Li-Fi's inventor himself, Harald Haas.
Both companies offer kits to early adopters to install Li-Fi networks in the office and home, and pureLiFi claims speeds of 10 Mbps with his current offering.

Benefits Of Li-Fi

  • Higher speeds than Wi-Fi.
  • 10000 times the frequency spectrum of radio.
  • More secure because data cannot be intercepted without a clear line of sight.
  • Prevents piggybacking.
  • Eliminates neighboring network interference.
  • Unimpeded by radio interference.
  • Does not create interference in sensitive electronics, making it better for use in environments like hospitals and aircraft.
  • By using LiFi in all the lights in and around a building, the technology could enable greater area of coverage than a single WiFi router.

Difference Between Wi-Fi and Li-Fi.

Wi-Fi can strike or penetrate through the wall while Li-Fi is built on light and it cannot penetrate through, therefore its more limited and this has made it more secure from outer smell, people always need faster internet connection, it makes communication easy and efficient. Li-Fi can serve as a multi purpose such as providing LED lightbulbs for home use aswell as creating network connection on devices for communication.But the technology also has its drawbacks - most notably the fact that it cannot be deployed outdoors in direct sunlight, because that would interfere with its signal. (However, this does not work for visible light burning through the outer walls from the sun and direct light.)

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