Akshay Kumar Birthday Special : 6 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar Stands Apart From The Crowd

By Atul Chavan - 10:11 PM

Ask what is the one thing that makes Khiladi actor Akshay Kumar stand out of his league and we will say there are many. The self-driven man is a powerhouse when it comes to talent and energy.
We have seen him setting pulses racing with his action scenes, we have seen his comic timing and we have seen him cutting a sorry figure too and amazingly, he is equally good in all of them.
This is what makes him a gem among the lot. He is one ‘Kumar’ in Bollywood, who stands tall in the industry ruled prominently by ‘Khans’ and ‘Kapoors’.
Here, while we wish him loads of happiness and good luck on his birthday, we would like to share why he deserves a special place in Bollywood.
1. Akshay is a fitness freak

At the age of 48, you would not know many men who are both fit and kicking. He is one of them! A knower of many martial arts like taekwondo, Goju-ryu karate, aikido and Shaolin Kung-fu, Akshay Kumar aka Rajeev Bhatia has simply no competition when it comes to action.
2. Akshay is a thorough professional

He is widely applauded for his professionalism by his peers. Be it directors, producers, colleagues or fans, they always get to see him at his best. When on the sets, he prefers being professional and behaving sensibly rather than throwing starry tantrums.
3. Akshay makes a great husband

It’s been 15 years since they fell in love but we still see that spark in the marriage of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Though linked with so many actresses before his marriage, once he was taken, he has become a total family man.
4. A doting father too!

We know how protective Akshay is of his kids! He says he wants to give them a normal childhood and hence keeps them away from all the limelight. If this is not all, then the below picture should suffice, where he manages to take time out from his busy schedule just to play with the kids.
5. Energetic and electric

After more than 150 movies, 500 live shows and counting, Akshay Kumar is still going strong. Whether it’s comedy or action, we love him every way, especially for the energy and zeal that he adds to his scenes.
6. True to the nation as well!

It may not be known that Akshay Kumar was the industry’s highest advance taxpayer for six consecutive years. Once, he even paid Rs 19 crore as advance tax payment.

With Singh is Bliing coming up, we wish our Khiladi actor all the luck in life and a wonderful year ahead.

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