Salman In Jail

By Atul Chavan - 12:06 PM

Salman In Jail !!!

I cannot digest this sentence itself….believing it is impossible.
SALMAN in jail. Who will be in the next part of the series DABANGG…!! Well I cannot imagine any other actor taking his position. Its Salman and the love of his fans that make his movies cross most of the times the 100 crore mark. Is his role, his entertaining act that make people laugh, cry and smile when he does the same?

Fans are not created overnight, nor the fan-following.  There is obviously lot of efforts, lot of hard work, lot of struggle, lot of practice that has helped him to reach this position today where his fans are praying for him. And yes, how can I miss his marriage! Well, it’s still a suspense whether SALMAN KHAN will marry or remain single throughout his life. And if he does marry, who that lucky girl will be.

The fact that “In 2004 Khan was ranked as 7th Best looking man in world - People Magazine, USA.”, itself tells the reason why the number of girls in his fans list is greater than the men. The other fact “He has a 42-inch chest, 17-inch biceps and a 30-inch waist. - from Wikipedia” also explains why this number is balanced by the number of male-fans. In short, these facts and his innocence have led to such a large fan following not only in India but throughout the world.
However, as the idiom goes, every coin has 2 sides. So does Salman khan has a negative side as well? This is with regards to the points: 
  1. Hit-and-run case
  2. Relationship with Aishwarya Rai
  3. Black Buck hunting case
  4. Remarks about 26/11 attacks
I as a common person, don’t have any right to comment or speak on other person’s personal matter without any proofs, but these are the social controversies behind the STAR Salman Khan. But if these are true, than what was the need of the initiative of “BEING HUMAN”, of the number of charities he has been doing. Now, it will pop up in your mind that – well, a second chance can always be given. But my question here is, why should always a star be given a second chance, why not the common man. If a person commits a mistake, may he be a star or a common man, he should be punished. The case of hit-and-run was pending for last 13 years.

Session court has declared result for the ‘Hit-And-Run’ case yesterday and Salman has been found guilty for the same. It’s a good news for the victims however a bad one for Salman’s fans and even for those who had been lucky to get presents from Salman (either as money or a break in some movie or other help). Helping others cannot undo a wrong act. People need to know that law ought to take its own course and the actor needs to accept it. When a celebrity goes to jail everyone sympathizes.Mostly because everyone knows the celebrity & no one knows the victim." 

Here are some of the tweets by Industry friends of Salman.
  1.  Nothing else to say..Except stay strong @BeingSalmanKhan u always have.- Sania Mirza 
  2. The Kapoors are with the Khans in their difficult time. Time is the biggest healer. God Bless!- Rishi Kapoor
  3. @BeingSalmanKhan is the nicest human being in this business. Wish all our Prayers and love help him in this difficult time. Deeply saddened.- Bipasha BasuIt hurts when your own are punished, even if they are in the wrong. We love you and are standing by you- Alia Bhatt
  4. It doesn't matter what anyone or any court says he doesn't deserve this at any level...will stand by @BeingSalmanKhan no matter what...- Arjun Kapoor
  5. Hurts to think of what could happen. We will always be with you. Hope the judge sees the beauty of a human being that Salman Khan is.- Parineeti Chopra
  6. Sometimes your personally attached to a person so reactions are emmotional he is family for me  #IStandWithSalmanKhan- Varun Dhawan
  7. Terrible news. Dnt knw wht to say except tht will stand by @BeingSalmanKhan no matter what. Hes a good man and no 1 can tk tht away frm him.- Sonakshi Sinha

*NOTE: The above given thoughts are solely mine, and it is not intended to hurt reader’s sentiments. 

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