Implications of the Beef Ban

By Atul Chavan - 4:28 PM

Symbolically, “where’s the beef?” is a challenge or claim indicating that an Idea is without sufficient substance. Exactly similar is the situation in Maharashtra where a ban on beef has been enforced. While there are stringent law, legitimate provisions for restricting cow slaughter houses are very common: 26 states in India have laws which regulate slaughter houses.
By irony, India is largest exporter of beef worldwide following Brazil The government of Maharashtra has brought amendment to protects animal right in state. It will affect life of millions of people in state. People at both end of spectrum those who consume and those who trade will Butchered by decision of government.

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The slaughter of cows was prohibited in state under Maharashtra act of 1976. However passage of above animal will impose ban on bullocks which was given a green certificate. On contrary to that above provision will allow slaughter of water buffaloes, which provide car beef-generally of mediocre quality. Maharashtra has Asia’s largest abattoir. Some of the implications of the ban are:
  • The beef lovers have to make changes in their food habits.
  • The multi cuisine hotels serving foreign have to change their major Items in the menu. It may affect their business and directly revenue.
  • It has led to shutting of major beef producing factories & slaughter Houses and many have gone out of business.
  • It is also likely to surge the cost of other types of meat, as Demand reaches up.
  • More than "One Crore Maharashtrians" are rendered without a source Of livelihood.
  • The worst hits are Qureshi caste in Maharashtra, which largely Work as butchers and is there daily livelihood.
  • It will affect the leather industry and there business sales is likely to dip.
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Hence, the cow here seems to be just 'Political Funda'  with which to attack the minority & age-old communal stereotype of associating Muslims with beef consumption. It is more of political issue than an issue of faith. Cow protection sentiments are exploited by the state and politicians to mobilize people and catch votes, targeting poor 'Muslims' and 'Dalits' by accusing them of cow slaughter.

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